Saturday July 16th 10am – 4pm
Santa Rosa, fee $135
Contact Clara at 707:579-2081 or

If you are a writer who wants to learn how to flesh out your characters—fictional or not—this system will give you the tools and more. If you want to learn about the Enneagram to improve your own life and your relationship to others, this is the workshop for you.
The Enneagram is a system that provides a deep understanding of yourself and others. It delineates the mental, physical and emotional patterns of nine personality types. A powerful transformational tool, the Enneagram is invaluable for creating harmonious relationships with friends, family members, co-workers and especially with yourself. You will learn how each type functions, and the nine unique paths for psychological growth and greater consciousness. Expect to learn a lot about yourself and those people you are closest to. We will do this in a deep yet light-hearted way.