Enneagram of Personality

The seeds of higher consciousness are hidden within the mechanical habit patterns of personality. By identifying those patterns we gain entrance to our higher octaves of consciousness. 

In my workshops you will learn strategies to:

 * Understand yourself & others without the distortions of old habit patterns

* Identify and release old sabotage mechanisms

* Access the higher octaves of your personality, such as courage, compassion, creativity

 * Recognize the personalities of your parents, mates, children, bosses & other important  players in your life to help you interact with grace and compassion

 *Let go of your familiar reactive self


Create harmonious relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, and most importantly, with yourself. The Enneagram, an ancient system of personality types, provides direct understanding of yourself and your relationship to others. It helps identify and release sabotage mechanisms. It provides access to a higher level of your particular personality, such as courage, compassion, creativity. Corporation are using this transformational tool to bring balance to the workplace. Individuals, as well as therapists, and other professionals will benefit from this dynamic system taught with a psychological perspective.  With depth and humor, Clara has brought this wisdom to  many for the past thirty five years.